Lock 24

After a good night’s sleep we breakfasted and were on our way by 8:30. We had arranged to meet my sister San and brother-in-law John at Avoncliff aqueduct at around 10 o’clock. They were waiting for us as we arrived. They hopped on board and we took them for a little trip to Bradford on Avon wharf above the lock. After a cup of tea and a natter they left for home and we popped to Sainsbury’s before continuing on.

We thought that we would try to get to the bottom of the Caen Hill flight for the night. The flight is locked overnight with all the locks empty. So if you can be first up in the morning then all the locks are in your favour. We got to above lock 24 by 6:30, a C&RT guy told us that there were already at least 2 boats below lock 29 (the one that is locked overnight) waiting for the morning. So, as we were already tired, we stayed put and decided to do the next 4 before 8 o’clock in the morning to be ready to follow the others up.

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