A  nine o’clock start (late for us, early for the Beekies!) saw the two boats heading in convoy for the Buckby flight. The weather was excellent and we ascended the flight together fairly quickly. Across the summit and into Braunston tunnel. It was like Piccadilly Circus in there! I have never seen so many boats in a tunnel before. We met five coming towards us and there were two others infront going  our way. So there must have been 9 boats in the tunnel at one time.

Going up the Buckby flight
Going down the Braunston flight
Going down the Braunston flight


Descending the 6 locks on the other side was not so swift. We had to wait for the two boats ahead. The crew of one of them seemed half asleep, so progress was slow. Also we met quite a few boats coming up so there was quite a bit of waiting about. We expected Braunston to be busy and thought that finding two moorings might be difficult, but space was found just outside the marina and we moored up around three o’clock. The afternoon was spent strolling up to the shop in the village and walking up the hill to get a phone signal. Another very pleasant evening was spent on Uncle Mort

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