A very easy day today. We set off at our usual 7:00 start and arrived here at 11:30.

A short wait at Grindley Brook staircase for 4 to come down before the lockie let us up.

We needed a pumpout, but the machine  was on the wrong side. Luckily there is a winding hole at the top lock. So Heddi expertly winded and reversed to the pumpout machine. We did the PO then back to the  winding hole around again and back on our way.

After mooring up in the Whitchurch Arm we walked into town in search of a new phone. Tesco was useless as all the smart phones were ‘out of stock”.

Luckily we noticed a small phone shop. Dan the proprietor was extremely helpful and supplied me with a Samsung J1 for a very reasonable  £80.  Thanks Dan.

So now I’ll be able to add photos again! !



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