Above King’s Lock

Another early start, we had showered and breakfasted and away by 7:30 under a cloudless sky. It has been very quiet boatwise. We passed four in the morning and then none again all day. It has been very hot, even the cows were standing in the canal to cool off.   Unusually there was some


We set off today, but things didn’t go according to plan. I changed the oil filter on Friday and ran the  engine for a while after and checked that all was ok. Obviously I didnt check well enough! We had only gone a few hundred yards when an alarm buzzer went off and I noticed

Odd jobs 2

More odd jobs today. For some time I have noticed a slight problem with our fridge. Sometimes it keeps cutting in and out fairly quickly, i.e. every 10 seconds or so. I narrowed this down to low voltage. There can be 2-3 volts drop at the fridge compared to the battery voltage. So I decided

Odd jobs 1

We are due to set off on our summer trip on Sunday, but have come up today as there are a few jobs on board I want to do first. We unloaded all the stuff, bikes, washing machine, jerry cans, flowers for the  roof,  wine, 6 weeks of clothes etc and went back to Banbury