We set off today, but things didn’t go according to plan. I changed the oil filter on Friday and ran the  engine for a while after and checked that all was ok. Obviously I didnt check well enough! We had only gone a few hundred yards when an alarm buzzer went off and I noticed that the oil pressure had dropped dramatically. The filter wasn’t sealed properly and most of the engine oil had been dumped into the bilge.  Heddi walked back to get the  car while I reseated the oil filter, properly this time, and topped up what oil I had left. I then drove back into Banbury to get some more oil. On return I topped up the oil and checked all was ok and Heddi took the car back.

Eventually off and away by 11 o’clock. A very pleastant cruise down to Banbury where we stopped briefly for lunch.

The lock cottage a Little Bourton has been all boarded up for several years. There are many cottages like this around the system.  They have little value as there is no road access and no services, electricity,  water, sewerage etc.

The weather has been gloriously warm all day an we eventually stopped just after Somerton bridge

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