Patch Bridge

During the night the weather had worsened considerably. The wind was now gusting to 40mph, there were large waves with breakers on the canal. A large GRP cruiser just ahead of us had come partially untied. I was about to get dressed and try to retrieve it when some other boaters did it. I had


No visitors due today so we thought we’d go for a little chug down to Sharpness. The weather was turning pretty miserable and the wind was picking up. By the time we got here it was raining hard and blowing a gale! Most of the day was spent looking out of the windows at the

Patch Bridge

Woke up, went to the loo, the red light came on showing that the holding tank was full! Luckily we were only half a mile or so from the DIY pumpout machine at Saul. So after breakfast we called at the service block. This entailed two windings as the pumpout fitting was on the ‘wrong’

Near Saul

With Mike’s help I spent the morning changing one of the batteries. The battery bank on JH was arranged rather oddly. There are three domestic and one starter battery. They were laid out DDSD. I wanted to replace the starter battery as it had been going flat if left for a week or two. So

Splatt Bridge

It rained all night, but by the morning had more or less stopped, with just bits of drizzle. The top of the boat was covered in leaves and seed heads from the willow trees along the bank. As we knew it would be a longish day we set off about 8:00. Breakfast, consisting of bacon

Llanthony Quay

It was our latest granddaughter’s christening today. Nik & Paul, the proud parents, had planned a barbecue in our garden. They had spend a lot of time and effort planning it and tidying up the garden. Unfortunately it poured with rain all day. Very disappointing after the good weather we have been having. But they

Parkend (boat), Home (us)

The second stage was done by first moving the car from Fretherne bridge to Sandfield bridge. We then chugged to just north of the Saul footbridge, moored up again and walked over to the marina chandlery to buy some fuel additive. Another short chug to just past Parkend bridge. Here we made the boat safe


A bright sunny morning so we had breakfast outside and then waited for Rachel, Steve & Emily. They spent the morning at the Wildlife & Wetlands Trust and then joined us about 12:30. We had a picnic lunch then set off for Sharpness. It was fairly windy, but warm & sunny. After winding we moored

Patch Bridge

The day started bright and sunny, so even though we had had a late night we got up about 8:00, had breakfast then headed up to the oil depot by Fretherne bridge to top up the diesel and get a new gas cylinder. Then down to Patch bridge. We had arranged to meet Jim, Mo


The day started off cold, grey and windy. Nikki, Izzie & Roxie arrived at about 10:30. We strted to take them for a short trip, but the weather wasn’t good, so we turned round. By lunchtime the sun was out and it was warm enough for another barbecue. After lunch Izzie spent a while feeding