Old Oak Wharf

We are moored up along the Paddington arm of the Grand Union between Kensal Green and Alperton. I assumed that this thing alongside the boat was the towpath, but aparently it isn’t, it’s a cycle race track. Yesterday evening we spent quite a while observing a swan’s nest opposite. The poor swan was trying desperately

Above Clitheroe’s lock

To borrow a footballing saying, today was very much a day of two halves. This morning was spent in the quiet, serene, cultural environs of Hampton Court Palace. The whole experience is very well done and we thoroughly enjoyed it.   Over the last day or so I had noticed that the bilge pump didnt

Braunston puddle bank

Well today we were supposed to be in the dry dock at Willowridge, but we’re not! We set off early from Long Itchington sharing all the locks with Barbara and Malcolm on NB Pilgrim. We arrived at Hillmorton this afternoon only to be told that the hydraulics had broken and the dry dock isn’t working.

The Blue Lias

2 Miles 8 Locks It only took a couple of hours to reach the Blue Lias where the rally is to be held. We shared the 8 locks with a very competent crew on a Kate Boats hire boat. It was only their second narrowboat trip, but they were already thinking about buying a share

Near Ventnor farm

14 miles 8 locks A day of mixed weather fortunes, some sunshine, but also some rain. We had our usual early breakfast, but just before we set off at 7:30 another boat came down the flight, so we had to turn every one except the last one. Here there was a volunteer on duty who

Bridge 129, S. Oxford

We had made plans re who we were leaving with and sharing locks last night. So just before 7:00 Andrew nudged Uncle Mort aside to allow us out and we set off with Neil and Linda on Earnest. Linda and I worked the locks and Heddi & Neil steered and we were at the top


Unfortunately the weather hasn’t been too good, so the bring and share lunch and the Morris Dancing ¬†on Saturday had to be ¬†indoors. But the weather did improve a little so the nerf shooting game moved to outside for the final rounds, Andrew G. won. Sunday morning saw the usual auction followed by lunch. Simon

Blue Lias

we have arrived at the Blue Lias pub Long Itchington where we will spend the next few days at the Cutweb rally. We were off and away by 7:30, it was very peaceful going until we joined a queue of boats at Marston Doles. Progress was slow due to one boat being bow hauled backwards

Cambrian Wharf

The weather forecast for today was for rain most of the day. So when we awoke at 6 o’clock and it was dry a decision was made to go for it. So we set off at 6:30.In fact the weather wasn’t too bad. We had a few periods of drizzly rain but it was mostly