Cambrian Wharf

The weather forecast for today was for rain most of the day. So when we awoke at 6 o’clock and it was dry a decision was made to go for it. So we set off at 6:30.In fact the weather wasn’t too bad. We had a few periods of drizzly rain but it was mostly dry.

The section on the Grand Union between Knowle and Camp Hill is a summit with the locks both ends going down. So it tends to run out of water making it rather shallow. It also seems to collect various debris both natural and man-made. This meant that we had to be careful not to get anything stuck round the prop.

As we entered Birmingham there were 25 locks to do, six at Camp Hill (down), six at Ashtead (up), and thirteen at Farmer’s Bridge (up). We arrived at Cambrian Wharf at about 1 o’clock.

Some of the locks of the Farmer’s Bridge flight are underneath some of the modern buildings. It used to be dark and dingy but has been opened up a bit since our last visit in 2002.


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