Catherine de Barnes

The Hatton flight awaited us so we made our usual early start and entered the bottom lock at 7:24. We exited the top lock 2 hours and 56 minutes later. No bad for two 60+ old codgers! It would have been slightly quicker but we had to wait for boats coming down at two locks.

Other than that we have met very few boats today. A stop to top up with water and have some lunch at the bottom of Knowle locks then on again. Knowle locks were hard work and the strong cross wind made getting into the locks difficult.

Our aim was to get to Catherine de Barnes for the night which we did just after three o’clock. We actually moored just short of C de B, which caused a little confusion. I had contacted old friend Bob saying we were at C de B, but he couldn’t find us in the village so went off searching. Another phone call later and they had found us. After a short natter on board, Bob, Sandra and us all went to the pub for a meal and more nattering.


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