Another rather wet, cold & grey day, where’s the summer gone?
The weather did clear a little in the evening and we decided to have a barbecue as this may be the only chance this week.
During yesterday and today we have had several re-occurrances of the fuel starvation problem. I decided to take out the water trap filter and see if it had become blocked again. There didnt appear to be much there, but I washed it in deisel and put it back in. When I changed the filters previously I had loosened the pipe on the outgoing side of the pump and turned the ignition key until the pump had primed itself and no air came out. However the last guy who serviced the engine said I didn’t need to do that. He said just turn on and wait a couple of minutes for the pump to prime itself and purge the air on the return line back to the tank. I tried that but it didnt seem to work. I tried my method again and that did work !
Whilst I was working down the engine hole I had this duck for an audience!

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