Splatt Bridge

We awoke this morning to grey, overcast skies and strong winds. Our daughter Liz and her family were meeting us at Splatt bridge for a lunchtime barbecue, but it didn’t look promising. We set off about eight o’clock and had to battle against a strong headwind. At Saul we wanted to use the DIY pumpout machine. I needed to turn the boat round as the connection is on the right hand side. Trying to turn in the wind was problematic and the bow hit the side which caused some glasses to fall out of the cupboard and break.
We passed Andrew & Sheila on ‘Uncle Mort’ at Parkend, by which time it had started to rain as well as the cold wind. Andrew called out “Is the barbecue still on?”. “yes, it’ll clear up” I replied. “OK, see you about twelve” was the response.
When we arrived at the mooring at Splatt bridge we were surprised to find that sheltered behind the high hedge there was very little wind.
Uncle Mort arrived at twelve as expected and Liz & the family came about one o’clock, by which time the sun had come out and we all sat outside having a great barbecue until about 5:00 when they all left.

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