Patch Bridge

Woke up, went to the loo, the red light came on showing that the holding tank was full! Luckily we were only half a mile or so from the DIY pumpout machine at Saul. So after breakfast we called at the service block. This entailed two windings as the pumpout fitting was on the ‘wrong’

Near Saul

With Mike’s help I spent the morning changing one of the batteries. The battery bank on JH was arranged rather oddly. There are three domestic and one starter battery. They were laid out DDSD. I wanted to replace the starter battery as it had been going flat if left for a week or two. So

Splatt Bridge

It rained all night, but by the morning had more or less stopped, with just bits of drizzle. The top of the boat was covered in leaves and seed heads from the willow trees along the bank. As we knew it would be a longish day we set off about 8:00. Breakfast, consisting of bacon


We left Tytherington in three cars at 7:45. Heddi and I in one each and Jan & Mike in theirs. In the little car park near Splatt bridge we moved various stuff from one car to another and then all piled into my car. Leaving the other two cars behind we headed up to Kinver.