Patch Bridge

Woke up, went to the loo, the red light came on showing that the holding tank was full! Luckily we were only half a mile or so from the DIY pumpout machine at Saul. So after breakfast we called at the service block. This entailed two windings as the pumpout fitting was on the ‘wrong’ side. Whilst we were pumping out the heavens opened and I got completely soaked.

Later we moved down to Patch Bridge to await Jan, Mike, Lindsay & Teresa in the evening. The only mooring space was next to the water point. Another boat was on the water point and had been all day, with no sign of the occupants. I was reluctant to block access to the water even though we weren’t the ones in the wrong. The bridge keeper said it was OK as it was now six o’clock and no boats would be moving after seven as the bridges would be closed. We decided to moor there and invite anyone who wanted water to breast up with us. As it turned out no one did.

J,M,L & T  arrived bearing food just before seven and we all sat out on the towpath in lovely sunshine until about 9:30 when we went inside for tea & coffee. They left around 10:30.

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