Another lovely morning so we set off just before eight o’clock. You tend to think of the Thames as big river, but this far upstream it’s quite small and narrow in places and very winding and twisting.

I knew that Rob, a business acquaintance, was on the river in his boat somewhere nearby. I got a text to say they had spent the night moored at Radcot. As we approached we could see them moored just below the bridge. Luckily there was just about room for us to get to the bank next to them. So we pulled in and moored up for a while.Rob came on board and had a look around. He hadn’t been on a narrowboat before (his is a GRP cruiser). After a natter we left and carried on to Lechlade.

We had thought that mooring space would be limited, but we easily found a good spot within reasonable walking distance to the campsite. Our daughters and most of our grandchildren  are coming camping for the weekend.

Two of the Thames lockies on the way up had warned us that the cows in the field next to the river will eat the flowers on the roof of the boat. What they didnt tell us is that the cows alsolike licking the sides of the boats!!

Not long after we had arrived I saw a small GRP cruiser coming up behind and seeming to head striaght for us. As I looked out the side hatch I could hear someone calling. It turned out to be Ian & Nikki Potts with daughter Amilie. They had hired the boat for the day to celebrate Ian’s birthday. They came on board and had tea, and birthday cake. Meanwhile Nikki had arrived with her girls.

We have spent the last two days here, mostly in the campsite with the others, going for walks, playing pooh sticks and generally chilling.



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