Off at last

I cant believe it, six months since the boat last moved!

Over the winter we have visited several times, but not gone anywhere (except across the marina for a pumpout!).

On the way up to Cropredy we stopped off at Sudeley Castle for a ‘Home & Gardens’ show. We had a cheap Groupon ticket. The clientele at the show were very much of the “Cotswold set”,¬† not our cup of tea at all! Though I did buy some cheap shrubs.

Yesterday the wind was blowing hard and getting in and out of the marina in a strong wind is difficult, so we we just did a few jobs and waited for the wind to drop, which it had overnight.

One of the jobs to do was rescuing the solar panel from the water. At some point in the last month it must have blown off the roof. I fished it out and cleaned it off. I’ll take it home to assess the damage.

We needed diesel so planned to get some at Sovereign Wharf¬† just outside Banbury. When we got there it was all locked up with a “Closed until further notice” sign. I dipped the tank and we had about 20L so enough to get to Aynho.

Very few boats about and most of the locks were in our favour so we made easy progress down to moor for the night near King’s Sutton


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