Bridge 239a

A longish day today 19 miles and 12 locks in about 9 hours, though it wasn’t onerous. We started out by filling up with diesel and getting a new gas bottle at Aynho Wharf . This used to be “Walker Services”, but they now trade as “Bridge 190”

Quite a few boats about, mostly private until we neared Oxford. We didn’t have to queue at locks though. Sometimes had to wait for one boat, but that was all. It has been very windy, which made steering difficult at times, but the weather’s been not too bad, just a couple of quick, light showers.

As we approached Oxford we met several crews on ‘College Cruisers’ hire boats. None of them seemed to know what they were doing, one group in particular nearly drained the canal!

It’s difficult to find moorings from Wolvercote lock on towards Isis lock, but we found somewhere just before bridge 239A .

On to Thames tomorrow.

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