Caen Hill lock 44

Hot, hot hot again! 1 mile 16 locks We walked up to the campsite to collect our granddaughters to take them out of Nik & Paul’s way whilst they packed up the tent. They then drove to the C&RT car park at the top of the locks, walked down to join us and we started

Marsh Lane Bridge

Half a mile, six locks It has been extremely hot today, the hottest day of the year so far, temperature in the upper twenties. We spent most of the time at the campsite trying to find some shade. As Paul wanted to see the locks we went for a walk up the cafe for another

Above lock 22

2.5 miles 5 locks Another short journey day, away at 8 and moored up by 10:30. We couldn’t moor exactly where we were on the way down as there was another boat there. So I had to get out the hook and cut cat the reeds and other foliage to make a place to get

Seend Locks

8 Miles and 4 locks Very windy again! As usual we started of just before eight o’clock. After Bradford lock Heddi topped up the water whilst I popped to Sainsburys for some shopping. The rest of the day has been fairly uneventful. The morning weather was overcast, but later the sun came out strongly again.

Bradford on Avon

8 miles, no locks. We had been in communication with Andrew & Sheila ( Uncle Mort) over the last few days regarding a rendez-vous. The decision was made for them to drive to Bradford on Avon, catch the train to Bath then chug back to Bradford with us. So we walked into Bath to mooch

Bath – Sydney Gardens

At last the wind has dropped. For the last 6 days it’s been blowing a gale, but today it’s calm. We took a last tour around the harbour taking in the sights, topped up with water, had a pumpout ( a very reasonable  £9.20) and headed out of the city. The Avon valley is really

More Bristol

We have been here five days now. It’s really lively and bustling, Bristolians make great use of the waterside. Various family members and friends have visited, unfortunately due to the high winds we haven’t been able to take them for a trip round the harbour .

Still Bristol

We are staying here for a week, with various visitors çoming at different times, but today we were on our own. To start the day off we walked all the way round the harbour area ( about 3 miles). We called in at the visitors centre at Underfall yard – very interesting. The afternoon was

Bristol Harbour

19 miles 13 locks After 4 rivers, 2 canals, 164 miles and 141 locks we have arrived. We set off at 7:30 intending only to go as far as the Sainsbury’s moorings on the Avon in Bath. The weather wasn’t too bad, but fairly windy as we dropped down the Widcombe flight onto the river.


10 miles, 1 lock The weather forecast was for the rain to start around noon and then continue for the rest of the day. So we decided to get up early and get to Bath before the worst of the rain. Unfortunately the rain decided to get up early too! By the time we got