6 miles, 11 locks and 3 swing bridges.

The Bank Newton locks are padlocks overnight as a water saving measure. They are supposed be unlocked at 10:00, but when we arrived at about 9:30 they were already open. There was so much water coming down that it was overflowing onto the towpath, so why do they need the ‘water saving measures’

It’s been the busiest day boatwise since we set out. There are three hire companies along the Skipton stretch and they all seem to be busy. One of the company’s hires out wide beams ans the novice steerers were stuggling!

The scenery has changed a lot, tnere are hills in the distance, but either side of the canal is a flat valley.

We met locals Roger & Margret in their favourite pub for a drink, then got a takeaway supper from the Chippie.

Strange paddle gear hereabouts
Just lift the lever to open tne paddle

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