Worcester ( Sabrina Bridge)

Just after setting off we came under the A449 ‘tunnel’ to see three boats and various people milling about.

We we approached by a C&RT guy who asked us if we would breast up backwards with a hire boat and take him back down tne locks to the river. It seem that they had arrived at Holt lock yesterday evening after the lockie had gone home. So they turned round, went up to Hawford junction and up two locks. They didn’t realise that they wouldn’t be able to turn. So we roped the two boats together and we took them down and out onto the river.

We arrived at our usual Worcester mooring by the racecourse in time for an early lunch, then went for a wander around the city. After a while spent in tne Cathedral we searched out the restaurant for our evening meal.

By the time we needed to go out for our meal it was pouring down. So well wrapped up and with umbrellas we set off for “Island” where we had a really excellent meal.

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