Woverley Court Lock

Rain, rain, rain and more rain!

The weather forecast was showing the rain getting worse as the day went on, so we set off earlyish at 8:15.

This part of the canal was very familiar to us as it was our “home canal” for about 6 years. We had fun trying to remember the order of the locks and noticing odd things that triggered memories.

As predicted the weather did get worse and we got thoroughly soaked. A stop for water at Kinver services took longer than expected. There was a boat already on the water point, and another boater was having problemsa with the pumpout machine. We tried to help as we had used the machine many times before.

The aim for the nught was Wolverly Court lock, we like the mooring and it means only a short trip into Kidderminster tomorrow to pick up Karen & Simon who are coming up by train.

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