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The Waterways Wanderings of Narrowboat “Just Heaven”

Claydon top lock

A fairly leisurely chug to Napton, up the locks then along the summit pound.

The Napton flight was busy with boats coming down,  which helped us as we were going up. At the top Marston Doles lock there was a CRT volunteer, but unlike others we have met, this one knew what he was doing. He used his initiative and let some water down as the penultimate pound was very low.

A brief shower of rain dampened things for a while, but then it warmed up again.

We moored just above Clayton top lock. I had planned to paint the rubbing strake on the other side here, but the bankside is too high. That will have to wait for another day.

To stretch our legs we took a short walk across the fields to Clayton village and then back along a lane to bridge 145. As we got back on the towpath there was a queue of three boats at the middle lock.



It started off a bit cold, but now (16:15) it’s 26°C in the shade.

Only three locks today. The flight at Hillmorton is paired and there were several boats coming down, but only us going up. So at each of the three locks we went straight in.

We arrived at Braunston at about one thirty, had some lunch then went for a stroll. A quick mooch in Midland Chandlers, a pop to the village stores for some milk then back to the boat.

Over the last two days we have had six sightings of water voles. They must be doing well on the North Oxford. Unfortunately they were too quick for anything but a blurry picture.



The last boat yesterday was down, so we thought the locks would be in our favour this morning. But while we were having breakfast at 6:45 a boat came up behind us. So we had to follow them all the way up. They were very slow and even though we had to turn each lock, and they didn’t, we still caught them up.

At the top lock were some volunteers. They need more training on water management. They are simply told that if there is a boat coming then one coming the other way has to wait. We were below lock 2. The boat in front was just leaving lock 2, lock 1 was empty ready for them. The vlockie wouldn’t let us turn lock 2 as there was one approaching lock 1. They said it was to save water. When I pointed out that the pound below lock 2 was very  low and would benefit from a lock full of water they just ‘we have to do as we’re trained’.

The rest of the passed uneventfully and we moored up in Ansty at about two thirty.

It’s been very hot and humid. The sky is a bit grey, we could be in for a thunderstorm.



An easy day today, only four locks. I was surprised by how much new housing has been built alongside the Coventry on the Fradley to Fazeley stretch. A small queue built up at Glascote Locks and we followed a slow boat for a while, so it was nearly 3:30 by the time we stopped just up the first two locks of the Atherstone flight.

After a short rest we cycled in to Atherstone, had a look round the town, bought a few bits an pieces and cycled back.

It’s been really hot this afternoon and a bit humid. The digital thermostat in the boat was showin 31.2°C in the shade!

Seen earlier in the week. No mention of navigation or boating!


Fradley Junction

Another really warm day today. As usual we were on our way by 7:30, dropped through Haywood lock and Colwich lock then on to the long pound through Rugeley and Armitage. Quite a few boats about, but almost all private ones, very few hire boats.

A trip to Morrisons in Rugeley then on to Fradley. It was reasonably busy, but much quieter than we have seen it. We moored up just after 1:30 a little way down the Coventry Canal.

The afternoon was spent chilling out, a walk around Fradley pool, and chatting to other boaters.


Some views of Fradley pool.

Barbecue in the warm evening sun – lovely.

Great Haywood

A day of mostly queueing at locks. Very pleasant day though, we spent quite a bit of time chatting to other boaters. As usual we set off about half past seven. We caught up with a very slow boat at the Meaford Locks. They kindly let us go ahead of them on the way into Stone. I was surprised at Meaford, the last time we came this way (2004 I think) the locks were out in the country, now they are surrounded by houses!
The queue started to build up in Stone and continued at each lock through to Hoo Mill. We got to know our fellow queuers quite well!
It was only ten past three when we moored up just above Haywood lock.
The weather started off grey and a bit cool, but warmed up to mid twenties by the afternoon. After a short break we set off on a 6 mile walk through the Shugborough estate, the edge of Cannock Chase, and back along the Staffs & Worcs past Tixall wide, returning to the junction.

Yesterday’s challenge: to fit a new rear fender replacing the one with a saggy bottom


A very full day today. We started off at 7:30 in order to arrive at Harecastle Tunnel when they open at 8:00. However the first run through of the day was north bound, so we had to wait until 10 to 9. The time was filled by cooking and consuming bacon sandwichs.

An easy trip through the tunnel, we were the only south bound boat.

Westport lake is a lovely nature park just south of the tunnel. We stopped here, got the bikes out and went for a very pleasant ride around the lakes and surrounding woods.

There were lots of water birds including this black swan.



I had previously contacted fuel boat Halsall regarding a deisel top up, he said that he would be at Etruria. What we didn’t expect was that there would be a canal festival going on which he was part off. The working boats were all moored up a little way up the Caldon canal. So we went up there, filled up, bought a new rear fender, winded and then returned to the Trent and Mersey main line.


We moored up just before bridge 104 and decided to go on the Wedgwood factory tour. We wish we hadn’t bothered. It was a rip off. When we arrived we were told that “some of the craftsmen may be finishing up in 15 mins or so”. In fact all but three had already gone. All we saw was an empty silent factory. But they still charged us the full £15.00. We tried to complain at reception on the way out, but all they said was ‘we did warn you’. So if you are thinking of going don’t go on a weekend!

Red Bull

We have done the “Cheshire locks” or Heartbreak Hill today, 25 locks spread out over 8 miles. It’s been very busy with boats. A the Lawton locks quite a queue built up. There are four locks close together. Three of them are doubled, but one isn’t. (There were all doubled in the past). This leads to a bottleneck in the middle, made worse by the fact that there is little space between the locks for waiting boats.

As we got nearer the top the water became more orange. This is due to the iron deposits in Harecastle Tunnel.


Near the top the Macclesfield canal goes over the Trent and Mersey on Pool Aqueduct


It’s been really hot today 24° probably the hottest day of the year so far. Certainly the hottest day over our trip so far.

I kept a close eye on the battery voltage, but it didn’t go above 14.5. Fingers crossed!

We treated ourselves after the exertions of the day and went to the Red Bull pub for our evening meal. Me – steak and ale pie; Heddi – beef stroganoff.





The day started really cold and windy, but finished really warm and sunny.

A 7:30 start again. Quite a few boats about and by the time we reached Wardle lock we were in a queue of four. While Heddi looked after the boat I walked along to Middlewich Narrowboats to have a word with Sandra. She didn’t have a new regulator, only a new alternator. But after a rummage in the scrap bin came out with an old alternator that I  could have for free and pinch the regulator from.

This is it:



We stopped at Wheelock and I started to try and remove the regulator from the old alternator. Unfortunately I didn’t have the right size spanners, or sockets, but with various pliers etc, the job was completed. Fingers crossed tomorrow it’ll work!

Cholmondeston lock

To avoid the queues that build up at Grindley Brook we set off early to reach there by 7:30. There was no one about, the lockie hadn’t come on duty yet, so we went through unimpeded. A fairly uneventful run down to Hurleston. Except when Heddi had stern words with a hireboat crew who untied quickly and pulled out right in front of us to grab a lock!

The wind has caused problems today, particularly at the Hurleston Locks.

We topped up with water at Barbridge junction, and then stopped just above the first lock on the Middlewich Branch.

I have contacted boat electrician Sandra at Middlewich regarding the alternator problem. I’ll call in there tomorrow to see what she can do.


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