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The Waterways Wanderings of Narrowboat “Just Heaven”

Napton Top Lock

Another cooked breakfast ! Then journeying on to just opposite the engine arm at the top of the Napton flight. We are due to meet up with some other Cutwebbers in the Folly Inn this evening. We will walk down the locks as we dont have time tomorrow to get back to the marina if we go down the locks. We walked down this afternoon to see how long it took (about 40 mins). The towpath is VERY muddy in places.
Showered G&T (Heddi) glass of wine (me) then set off at 6:30 for the pub.
We got back to the boat at 10:45 – not too wobbly after the cider. A very pleasant evening was spent chatting with friends old and new.

Fenny Compton

We arrived yesterday after a ride up across the Cotswolds in the cold and wet. I tried to get the Eberspacher going, but it wouldn’t fire up. Got the fire going instead.

This morning, after a cooked breakfast,  we reversed back across the marina to top up with fuel and get a bag of coal. Then set off up the Claydon flight. The weather was good to start with, but gradually deteriorated thhrough the day. Stooping for the night just before The Wharf Inn at Fenny.

They have a small shop at the back of the pub where we bought a few bits and pieces.


Back home

We are so glad we didn’t carry on down to Aynho yesterday. The weather today is foul. So it was breakfast, pack up and away by 10:00


Back to the marina

It was a very noisy night with the wind howling. The plan was to chug down to Anyho as we have a table booked at the Great Western Arms. But the weather today is cold and windy and tomorrow is forecast for much worse. So we decided to go back to the marina today and then drive to the GWA this evening.

So down the lock to just beyond the “tramway” moorings, winded then back up the lock and return to Cropredy. An all day breakfast brunch was taken as we passed back through Banbury. We arrived back at the marina just after 3 o’clock.

The meal at the GWA was a bit dissapointing. On Sunday evening they only serve “Sunday Roast” and only what they have left from Sunday lunch. So the menu offered beef, pork, chicken or lamb,  but beef and lamb were ‘off’ !



Here for a few days with our eldest grandaughter Becca. It’s very chiily but we decided to go for it anyway. Through Cropredy lock by 13:00 and moored up at Castle Quay Banbury at  15:00.

Heddi and Becca went for a mooch around the shops whilst I lit the fire and unpacked. The evening was spent entertaining orselves with Dominoes, cards & Rummikub. Becca won!



Down through the lock, winded just past the ‘Tramway’ moorings, up though the lock again to moor up for a cooked breakfast.

Back to the mooring and left for home at 2:15.


We reversed up to the services and did a pumpout first thing, but still managed to be away by eight o’clock.

The weather is bright an sunny, but cold. Frost overnight with quite a bit of ice on the roof first thing.

A very pleasant chug down to Castle Quay in Banbury. The day was rounded off with a bit of shopping.

The car park next to the canal opposite the shopping centre is used by the local youths in the evening as a skateboard park – rather noisy !



We arrived yesterday afternoon after a beautiful  drive up across the Cotswold in glorious autumn sunshine.

We had arranged for Clive Mant to service the engine today. He arrived at 9:30 and didnt leave ’til 1:40 and did a really thorough job. It was too late to set off after he had finished as it gets dark early now the clocks have changed.

I had brought with me some ratchet straps to secure the solar panel down as the previous one had blown off the roof during last winter.

Back to the Marina

A bit of a lie in this morning – away by 8:30. The forecast was for a warm day 26C plus!

We followed a large group on an Oxfordshire Narrowbaots hire boat. They were all holding the boat on ropes going down the locks. It took us until 11:30 to get back into our mooring.


Bridge 129, S. Oxford

We had made plans re who we were leaving with and sharing locks last night. So just before 7:00 Andrew nudged Uncle Mort aside to allow us out and we set off with Neil and Linda on Earnest.

Linda and I worked the locks and Heddi & Neil steered and we were at the top of the flight in an hour! Linda had to walk back to get their car, we carried on with Neil following. Through Calcutt locks, then Neil went north and we went south.

As we were ascending Napton locks we watched a buffalo giving birth, sorry no pictures.


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