Withnell Fold visitors mooring

An early start as we needed to get to Wigan on Monday. First the 20+ mile pound before the locks in Blackburn. We were quickly through Burnley. You would expect good views from the embankment but that’s not the case. There are a few swing bridges along this section, but they didn’t cause any problems.

Bottom of Barrowford locks

This morning at about 10:30 the C&RT guys said “Ok, you can go”. So with Craig and Joan, who had also been waiting in their boat, we set off up the locks. We thanked and said goodbye to Darren and Richard and worked up the flight and away. Craig and Joan left us at Barnoldswick.

Bank Newton

We have been here for 6 days, filling our time with walks in the lovely countryside and trips out. We have walked into Gargrave to do a bit of shopping. We caught a train to Settle where Andrew and Sheila picked us up and took us to Kirkby Lonsdale, then drove us back to the

Bank Newton bottom lock

1.5 miles, 4 locks Richard the lock keeper advised us to move up to the bottom of tne lock flight. He thought that there was a possibility of getting us through this morning. Unfortunately his boss said “no”, so we’re stuck here now. We have heard from tne C&RT guys that they are starting work


Yesterday we didn’t move at all. We went for a 7+ mile walk through Gargrave village onto tne Pennine way and out to East Marton, then back along the towpath. As we passed Bank Newton locks we spoke to Richard the lockie. He gave us his mobile number and said to call him on Monday

Gargrave (via Bingley)

4 miles, 1 lock, 5 swing bridges We have been to Bingley and back! But not by boat, by train. It was pretty clear that we weren’t going to get to Bingley by boat, and we couldn’t go back towards Liverpool, so 6 of us took the train to go and see the famous ‘5

Still in Skipton

Early in the morning I reversed back to the junction, then reversed up the Springs branch to Pennine Cruisers to get a pumpout. The guy there said they were too busy with the day boats and come back later after 10:30. So we all piled into Andrew’s car and drove up to Bank Newton to


5 miles, 5 swing bridges We are back in Skipton again and we have just heard from the hire boat company that Bank Newton locks will be closed until further notice from 5pm today. I rang C&RT to be told that hire boats will be allowed through to ‘return back to base’ by private boats


5 miles and 5 swing bridges Today has been a stop start sort of day. We started out at 9:15 and breasted up with Cray at the water point and both filled up. The rest of the day was dominated by swing bridges. We approached bridge 182A to see a queue of boats. We were


6 miles, 11 locks and 3 swing bridges. The Bank Newton locks are padlocks overnight as a water saving measure. They are supposed be unlocked at 10:00, but when we arrived at about 9:30 they were already open. There was so much water coming down that it was overflowing onto the towpath, so why do