There weather forecast was right, it was really cold for most of the way. We set off at 6:50 and locked out from the docks down on to the Severn at just after 9 o’clock. This journey starts off going up the “parting” which is a narrow bywater off of the main river. It’s narrower


We moved up from Splatt bridge to just north of Parkend bridge. From here up to Gloucester we can get under the next three bridges. So this means that we can start off early in the morning before the bridge keepers come on duty. The weather forecast for tomorrow is dry but not warm for

On the G & S

We have spent the last 6 weeks or so just tootling up and down the G&S. Mostly staying at Saul, but also Splatt Bridge, Patch Bridge and Sharpness. Our friend Rob has his widebeam in Saul marina and we have spent a couple of evenings there. Friends Paul and Julia have their boat at Sharpness


30th April We just tootled up to Saul as we are meeting friend Rob tomorrow. He has a wide beam in the marina that he lives on when in the UK. He is driving back from France tomorrow. 1st May Lazy day today, though I did rub down and revarnish the window frames. Rob popped

Splatt Bridge

Just a short trip down to one of our favourite places on the G&S. It’s rained most of the day, but cleared up in the late afternoon. This is a great spot for bird watching. We have seen 4 Marsh Harriers, 2 Great White Egrets, lots of Sand Martins and heard a Bittern.

Near Sellars Bridge

A great trip down the Severn today. We set off just before 8:00 to arrive at Diglis locks just after the lock keeper came on duty. The river was very calm, flat almost mirror like. With all the trees fresh in leaf it was very attractive. There have been very few boats about, we only

Worcester by Sabrina bridge

We are starting our journey down to the G&S on the same day as last year. Leaving the Yeti at Frampton we carried on up to the marina in the Smart and set off at 10:20. Last time we went down to the Severn via Droitwich, this time we decided on the W&B route. Almost

Nr Bridge 26 W&B

Yesterday was spent in Worcester, having a look round the Catherdral and going for a long walk after a sausage and babon bap breakfast. To today we set off back up the W&B, aong with it seems several other boats from our marina. We soon made our way through the locks with a crew of


It’s my birthday! We have been on board several times over the winter, but this is the first time we have actually been anywhere. Yesterday we drove up from home, then this morning Nik, Paul, Izzie and Roxie joined us. We are out for 3 days just doing the Droitwich ring. Soon after setting off