Hurleston Junction

A much better day today, the wind has dropped and the sun come out. We needed to go shopping as Nikki had left tonight’s meal in her freezer at home. A quick check with Nicholsons revealed that the only place likely to have a supermarket was Nantwich so we headed that way. There were more

Clive Green Bridge

Because of the ongoing Covid situation we haven’t been boating much at all this year. We were due to go camping in Wales with Nikki and family this week, but the forecast was for high winds and rain. So we have come boating instead. We arrived yesterday afternoon and did a few jobs. The Downs


A much better day weatherwise than yesterday, gone is that cold wind. Just a short chug along the Bridgewater to Lymm . We like mooring in Lymm, but of course everything is different now. We found a good mooring on the offside. The towpath here is fairly narrow and it’s a popular place for walkers

No name place!

I normally title each entry with where we are, but I dont think here has a name. We are in the middle of nowhere on the Bridgwater canal about halfway between the Runcorn arm junction and the Daresbury Laboratory. This is our first cruise in over 6 months. We wouldn’t normally go this long, but


Another early morning start to get back to the marina. A cold wind blew all day, so even though the sun came out it was a day of wearing many layers. We met many more boats today than previous days, but when we got to Middlewich locks we were all on our own. The marina


Together the Dawn Treader we set off up the staircase just before eight o’clock. We were following a hire boat, but they stopped by Tesco’s. At Hoole Lane lock there appeared to be a bit of confusion. Some C&RT guys were repairing the coping stones at the edge of the cut. They had a working


A day spent walking the old city walls and enjoying the delights of Chester. In the evening we had a really good meal in the “Fiesta Havana” a tapas restaurant in town.


We awoke to a cold, frosty, foggy morning. We could hardly see more than about a hundred yards. We carried on through the fog, round Barbridge junction and on through the Bunbury staircase. As we approached Tilstone lock it was still very misty. Then suddenly about midday the sky cleared and the sun came out.

Bridge 4 Middlewich branch

An early start from, leaving just before 8 o’clock. We have made the M5/M6 journey at various times and on different days, but this is the first time on a Sunday morning. The traffic was much less heavy than usual and we arrived about 10 past 10. After unloading and a cup of tea we