Empty Stourbridge canal

Another bright sunny morning. We left just before 9:00 and cruised up to the visitor mooring at Stewponey.

After a good healthy fried breakfast we went for a walk up from Stourton junction onto the Stourbridge canal. It looked really odd with no water in it. We were hoping to view the breach, but when we got to within a few hundred yards some BW workmen told us that the towpath was closed.Empty canal

I was surprised by how many old bricks there were in the bottom of the cut. There seemed to be hundreds, how did they get there?

Back down to the Kinver visitor moorings, and then lunch in the garden of “The Vine“. It took us some while to order our food as they have three menus- restaurant menu, bar menu and garden menu. Also you cant sit in any part of the garden, some parts are reserved for those ordering from the restaurant menu. The service was very slow, but the food was OK, and the weather was fantastic for the time of year.

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