Stourport basin

The weather looked good when we awoke, so we decided to have a cup of tea and set off in case it turned worse later on. A good trip down to Kidderminster, with a cold wind blowing but the sun shining. At Sainsbury’s we stopped to do the food shopping for the week. Then had a cooked breakfast before setting off again. On passing our old mooring at Roundhill Wharf we noticed that NB Tetty had gone, so we assume that Mike & Yvette have sold her.
We arrived in Stourport basin at about 3 o’clock and stopped at the services to take on water. Whilst it was filling I popped down to the river to see if there was room on the pontoon moorings. There was only one space. The only space in the basin wasnt ideal, but we thought that if we set off down the staircase locks a boat might come up river and take the only available space. So we pulled forward off of the water point to the space by the services block.
The guy on the trad boat Gort in front of us then asked if he could breast up to us to take on water. It turned out that he wasnt staying overnight so we agreed to swap places. I did this by going out into the basin doing a 180 degree pirouette and reversing back into his space. What I didn’t know was that all this maneuvering was being watched from York St bridge by Andrew, Sheila & Dylan the dog . They popped down for a chat and invited us to their flat for a cuppa later.
After several hours of tea, chat and excellent cake we returned to the boat, cooked and ate our supper and retired to bed.

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