Twyford Wharf

At last we now feel that we are on the journey proper. We set out from Kinver about two weeks ago, but it just felt like moving the boat to Cropredy, not like we were on the summer trip itself.

We arrived in Cropredy around 11:45, brought the boat down to near the lock, so that it was nearer the car and unloaded. We had arranged to leave the car at the marina even though it isn’t officially open yet. It is still very much a building site, so I wanted to make sure that where we left it, it wasn’t going to be in anyone’s way. After walking back to the village, we moved down to the wharf, topped up the water and set off.

We haven’t been this way for over 10 years and it’s good to be somewhere different. A short stop at Sovereign wharf to fill up with diesel and then into Banbury. The lock had a broken paddle and was taking ages to fill, so a queue built up. We had to wait about 40mins. Another lock a little further on caused a queue as well because a boat running with fenders down became stuck.

For our main summer cruise I like to have the roof decorated with flowers. This year I am reusing some that I grew for our Ruby Wedding Anniversary party.

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