Leaving Liverpool

We had extended our stay in Liverpool until Sunday because of the problem with Bridge 20 only being available at noon on Mondays and Fridays.

C&RT’s arrangements for the Liverpool link is that boats arriving come in during the afternoon, and those leaving depart in the morning. The time slot allocated for leavers is 8:00 – 9:30am from Salthouse dock. We had determined earlier that there were 6 boats leaving with us on Sunday. We were ready to go before eight, and were keen to be in the first two because there is nowhere to wait for the two locks within the docks and hanging about in the open water in the wind is not easy.

As it happens we were a bit too keen. We left Salthouse at about 7:50 and into Albert dock. Between Albert dock and Canning half tide dock there is a barrier that is raised at certain tides. As we approached we could see that it was raised. So we had to wait until 8:00 when C&RT’s Jules arrived to raise it.

The rest of the exit from the docks when smoothly. I enjoyed more than the incoming trip as I didn’t have to cope with the previously awful weather.

The links below are two time lapse videos of our exit.

Salthouse to Princes Lock
Princes Lock to Stanley Locks

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