Worcester to Tewkesbury

We awoke to bright sunshine and thought “Ah a warm day, we’ll do the signs”. If we go down to Diglis basin there will be room to turn so we can do both sides. By the time we got to Diglis the sun had gone in and the temperature had dropped to near freezing, so we topped up the water and headed out onto the Severn. This was our first trip on the river, though we have both lived near it, further down below Gloucester, for most of our lives. Through Diglis lock where, despite the size of the lock, the drop was only about 3 feet. The plan was to get to Tewkesbury for the night. The weather started to get worse, really cold, windy and raining. On this part of the Severn there are no visitor moorings, so we had to press on cold & wet. We reached Upton about 3:00 and decided to stop for while to warm up. There was quite a flow on the river and mooring in the only available space was a bit of a challenge. We warmed up by the fire and then went into the town to buy some masking tape (needed for the sign fixing).
The rain stopped and the sun tried to come out, so we carried on downstream. We had only being going a few minutes when the rain and biting cold wind started again. We were very pleased when we saw the Avon join from the left. Up the Avon a short way onto the moorings below the lock for the night.
Mythe Bridge

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