Llanthony Quay

It was our latest granddaughter’s christening today. Nik & Paul, the proud parents, had planned a barbecue in our garden. They had spend a lot of time and effort planning it and tidying up the garden. Unfortunately it poured with rain all day. Very disappointing after the good weather we have been having. But they still went ahead with the barbecue, with everyone under a couple of huge gazebos. Despite the rain it all went very well with everyone enjoying themselves. I had expected that we would need to leave mid-party, but most people had to travel quite a distance so everyone had gone by 5:30.
Our other son in law Simon then drove us back to Parkend, where we picked up the boat and cruised on up to Gloucester and are moored for the night on the floating pontoons near Llanthony bridge. It is convenient for the city here, but the seagulls make an awful noise all through the night!

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