Another latish breakfast then down to the water point by the trip boats for a top up. The weather was pleasantly warm and we arrived in Stourport by early afternoon. We prefer to moor on the river pontoons and there was just about enough room between a small cruiser and another narrowboat. Lots of people were about on the grass by the basins enjoying the sunshine. We went for a walk along the far bank of the river down almost to Lincomb lock and back, then relaxed in the sun reading with a glass of wine. The narrowboat left later, to be replaced fairly quickly by a hire boat, then a series of hire boats came up river looking for moorings. Even though the last 60ft or so of pontoon are clearly marked “for lock use only” a large cruiser arrived, moored up and all the occupants went off to the pub. This caused difficulties for some later arrivals who wanted to use the locks.

We were already in bed when, at about 10 mins to 10, the guy on the small cruiser started his generator (which he had placed by the back of our boat). Heddi got our of bed and went up and asked him to turn it off, which he did grudgingly.

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