We’ve been here since Sunday afternoon. On Monday morning the repair guy came and took a look at the car. More or less immediately he said that the clutch had gone and would need a replacement. He gave me a quote and said that they would pick it up either late Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning. On Wednesday I got a call just after nine to say they were on their way. The car was put up onto a recovery truck and off they went. They brought it back this afternoon. He only charged me for the clutch replacement, not the fetching and return, which I thought was pretty good.

So we have been here for four days, I’m not sure how the time has gone. We have gone for a few walks, one day we spent a few hours cleaning the boat and touching up the paintwork. I did a couple of small jobs on board. It’s always been difficult to see inside the cupboards in the galley. Some while ago I bought some switches to fit to the doors to control lights inside the cupboards. Why didn’t I fit them before ? It’s now so much easier, no getting down on your knees with a torch. Otherwise the time seemed to just slip by – very relaxing.

It’s now Friday, we have a family wedding to attend tomorrow. So breakfast, tidy up and off home.

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