Gloucester Docks

We drove back up to Frampton yesterday afternoon and stayed there for the night. Then, this morning we came up to Saul Junction to get water and wait for Rachel, Steve & Emily. Rachel has mobility problems and it’s easier for her to get on there. Unfortunately the weather was not good, but we took them for a short ride in the rain. They left about 11:30 and we came up to Gloucester to do some shopping and ready to go back up the Severn tomorrow morning. The rain had nearly stopped but the wind was picking up. As we reached Hempstead bridge the wind suddenly got much stronger. The bridge keeper said that if he opened the bridge, he wouldn’t be able to close it again so we waited. Over the next 20-30 minutes a terrific storm passed over with really heavy rain and strong gusts.

Eventually the weather calmed down enough to operate the bridge and we continued onto the finger moorings in the city docks. The afternoon was spent shopping for suitable wedding attire for next weekend and a trip to Sainsbury’s to top provisions.

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