Above Cropredy Lock


We are going to cycle, on our new Tern fold-up bikes, to the Banbury Canal day tomorrow. To get there from our mooring in the marina would entail going all round the marina, out onto the road and then into the village to get on the towpath. So instead we came just outside the marina and moored up so that we can get straight onto the towpath.


The weather has been really good, warm and sunny for the time of year. We set off for Banbury about 9:45. The towpath here isnt in the best condition! In places its narrow, muddy and with deep ruts. At one point I got my front wheel stuck in a rut and went stright over the handlebars. I was lucky not to land in the cut!

Banbury was packed with people enjoying the weather at the Canal Day. We bought some lovely bread and some French cheese at the continental marketfor our lunch. I had previously emailed Simon on ‘Vida Nueva’ to say we would be there. So we had a cup of tea on board and put a face to a virtual acquaintance. Cycling back seemed easier than going, maybe we had got used to the rough terrain.

We we got back we took the boat down through the lock, winded, back up the lock then back into the marina.

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