13 miles, 22 locks Another early start. The sky looked promising as we got up, but it gradually deteriorated throughout the day, getting more grey and overcast which turned to rain at about 2:30. The locks on the Kennet side of the summit are hard work. We found this a fortnight or so ago as

Pewsey Wharf

Sunrise at the bottom of the locks We left early to work through the first four locks up to No. 29. There were already three boats waiting. The flight was unlocked early and two made a start up before eight. We followed at 8:10 with NB ‘Rosewood’. We made a good team and, even though

Lock 24

After a good night’s sleep we breakfasted and were on our way by 8:30. We had arranged to meet my sister San and brother-in-law John at Avoncliff aqueduct at around 10 o’clock. They were waiting for us as we arrived. They hopped on board and we took them for a little trip to Bradford on


We drove back from Bicester to meet Liz, Simon and family at Bathampton for a picnic. Nikki & Paul were so exhausted after the weekend that they crashed out on our bed for a while. We moved the boat a few hundred yards along away from the busy pub, then The Davies family left and

The Wedding

For the last two days we have been at the wedding of Lou and Jaz. This was a Sikh ceremony on Friday in Hounslow followed by a Humanist ceremony in Bicester on Saturday. Friday Saturday – featuring the cake made by daughter Nikki.


We left Bristol at 7:20 under a clear blue sky and set off for Bath. Our first plan was to moor for the night on the outskirts of Bath and spend part of the day perusing the shops. Then on Thursday go up the flight and on to Bathampton where we were due to meet


We have been here for three days. It’s a great place to moor, though there is some noise from the clubs and bars. Bristol’s harbourside is very much at the heart of the city’s social life. Up until the nineteen sixties it was a busy working docks, but the tidal nature of the river Avon

Bristol Harbour

Well we are here at last! It’s been a really great day, the weather has been warm with blue skies, though the strong wind hasn’t helped at times. We set off around seven and descended the Widcombe flight in Bath. One of the locks here is 19 feet deep, making it one of the deepest

Bath top lock

A slightly frustrating day dealing with less than competent narrowboat helmspersons! We started out early at just before 7:00 am. Those aboard “The Bath Tub” seemed to be still in bed. It was a lovely morning, we saw several kingfishers. From Bradford-on-Avon onwards things started to go dowhill.After Bradford town lock there are miles of

Seend bottom lock

Only 3.9 mile but 28 locks today. The C&RT guys opened the locks up at 11:00 and with Larry and Fiona on Amelie May we were the first boats down the flight. We worked though as an efficient team and completed the 23 locks on just over three hours. We had to fill almost every