A long day. We hadn’t intended to get this far (20 miles & 12 locks) today, but the weather was good so we carried on intending to stop at Thrupp, but there were no free moorings. So it was about 6:00 before we stopped.

The day didn’t start too good. We had only been going about 20 mins when an alarm sounded and the engine temperature gauge was showing almost boiling. We stopped, pulled into the side and I lifted the engine boards. After a quick look around I could see that one of the joints in coolant link to the calorific was leaking. It seemed like we had lost most of the coolant. I dismantled and then remade the joint, filled the system up with fresh water ( note to self, put antifreeze in before the winter!) and off we went again, all seemed OK.

A stop for fuel and pump out at Aynho Wharf, and then the rest of the day chugging along in pleasant sunshine.

Not many boats about, we met a few at locks, but quite quiet.


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