An early start as we needed to find a suitable place to meet Nik, Paul, Izzie & Roxie.

As we came through Reading there was a new pedestrian bridge being built. It is a suspended design, and they are building out across the river in sections.


As we came down through Sonning bridge we could see several mooring opportunities. It would easy to meet Nik & Paul and to unload their car. However the mooring all had confusing signs. Some saying ‘no mooring’ and others saying that a fee was due. We spoke to some boaters who were moored up and they told us that the land belonged to Uri Geller and he charged ¬£10 per ¬†night for charity. We decided to go for it. After a while another boater came to see us. He was moored further up not on Uri’s land and would be moving soon and we could move into his space, so we did.

We were now just outside an hotel where a wedding was taking place. The photographer took some pics of the bride and groom standing by our boat.

Our guests arrived a little late due to heavy traffic. We unloaded their stuff and had the meal that we had waiting for them

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