Still in Oxford

A day of culture today.

First we cycled to the Oxford Botanic garden. This is great, we really enjoyed it. The herbaceous flowers  were at their best Рreally impressive.

alliumsCalifornian PoppyBorder


We stayed here all morning and ate our lunch (just a sandwich from Boots!) in the grounds.

Back on the bikes to go back into the city. Oxford is a very cycle friendly place, cycle lanes, lots of bike racks and the traffic seems to be bike aware. There are lots of cyclists. They even have special green cycle lamps on the traffic lights.

We parked the bikes by Oriel College and wandered about a bit, bought some Chelsea buns in the covered market and sat on the grass under a tree in the grounds of Christ Church College to eat them. On the bikes again to make our way to the Ashmolean Museum. This has amazing exhibits of Ancient Eygpt, Roman, Greek and other civilisations. We could have stayed here longer, but our legs were getting weary from all the walking and cycling, so we made our way through the streets, back up the towpath to the boat.

After supper it was another walk across Port Meadow, though not quite so long this time.

Off tommorow down the Thames towards London.


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