Aristotle Bridge

Before we did anything else today the boat had to be cleaned. So we moved a few yards to the lock and washed the dirtiest side that we couldn’t reach last night. All this was at 6:30 am !

A really good day weatherwise. To start with we saw far fewer boats than yesterday, but by the afternoon it was busier, but no queues or holdups..

Coming through Enslow you can see these. They always seem a bit incongruous here in the countryside.

We were aiming for a mooring in Oxford that we have used before. It’s by bridge 240 (Aristotle Bridge). There is usually space there and it’s further from the noisy railway than some of the other places. Mooring in Oxford is often difficult because of all the liveaboards who never move.

We arrived about two o’clock. After a cup of tea we embarked on a 4+ mile walk around Pool Meadow in lovely warm sunshine. There were lots of couples and families out enjoying the weather. Some small children were even swimming in the Thames.

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