Dutton Horse Bridge

To show our guests more of the river Weaver we went upstream to just before Winsford, winded and then headed back to Northwich. Just as we were approaching the floating pontoon mooring by the cinema another boat pulled away leaving just enough space for us. After lunch we took a quick wander round the shops to get something for the evening’s meal. Tom saw some good looking steaks in a local butchers, so a barbecue was decided upon. A fruit an veg shop provided the rest.

Back up the lift at 14:20 then along the T&M towards Manchester. As we entered Barnton tunnel I switched on the tunnel lamp, but no light! I suddenly realised that I hadn’t put it back after taking it down for Andy to do the painting. So we went through the tunnel with Heddi at the front holding her phone as a torch.

Before we reached Saltersford tunnel I had put the lamp back and reconnected it. A walk down the footpath to Dutton locks was called for before supper.

Dutton Locks

Getting ready for the barbecue

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