In the morning we went on a pleasant walk along part on the trackbed of the old South Staffordshire Railway. We walked back up Bratch locks along the towpath to Mops Farm Bridge, No 54. From here a footpath crosses several fields and emerges by a crossroads. If you go through the picnic site you

Below Bratch

After the toing & froing for the pumpout we did a short chug down to just below Bratch locks and moored on the non-towpath side by the picnic area. We stayed here for the rest of the day and part of the the next day. In the afternoon I made a small folding table for


Turned round and back down the Shroppie to Autherley, stopping at Turner’s garage on the way to pick up some diesel at only 77p/litre. We called in at Limekiln Chandlery for some odd & ends then went through the bridge and round the corner to stop for the night. We saw several people walking their

High Onn

When we got to Wheaton Aston lock the wind was blowing very hard across the canal at right angles. There was a queue of four boats in front of us. They were all have great difiiculty getting into the lock in the wind. The technique used by most was to have someone on the towpath

On the Shroppie

We stopped for water by the old Water Travel base near the stop lock. It was getting cold and the wind was picking up so we decided to stop for the night on the mooring by bridge 4. The are rings here but it’s difficult to moor up as there is an underwater ledge. Had

Above Bratch

Early start as it’s a lovely morning.  A pleasant day chugging along the beautiful Staffs & Worcs. We get to the bottom of the Bratch locks at about 3:30. We are third in the queue and the lockie says that there are two coming down, so it will be about an hour before our turn.

I hear thunder!

Arrived about 5:00, quickly unpacked, up through Kidderminster lock then stopped at Sainsburys to stock up for the trip. Moored for the night just before Wolverly Court lock. Speaking to daughter Liz on the phone she said that they have just had a terrific thunderstorm. About an hour later we are stood at the back

Home mooring

We left Worcester at about eightish for our first trip up this part of the Severn. It’s much more attractive than the lower reaches. We arrived at Stourport at 1 o’clock. I had arranged to pick up the keys etc for our new mooring from the BW office. It was difficult to find amid all


Uneventful journey up the river. Weather was good for the time of year. We moored by the Sabrina footbridge at about three thirty and spent the rest of the afternoon & evening watching the rowers going up and down. At one point two ‘dragon boats’ appeared and were racing each other – they go pretty

Lower Lode

The next morning whilst we we using the pumpout machine a guy from one of the liveaboards came up and asked us what the commotion was about the previous evening. We told him the story and it seems that the girl’s boyfriend did something similar a few weeks earlier. We moved over to moor on