Wolverley Court Lock

Heddi, Nikki and I arrived soon after lunch, unpacked the stuff and then drove to Sainsbury’s to stock up for the week. We didnt go by boat as we had to wait for Paul to join us after he finished work. While we were waiting I did a few odd jobs around the boat and

Chug up and down a bit

During the morning I fitted the battery after a visit to B&Q  for some bits and pieces. Physically getting the battery in there went easier than I expected, but doing the electrical side was a bit tricky becuase of the limited amount of room to manouver the thick cables. I’d completed it by about 12:00

New battery

For some time I have been thinking of adding an extra battery to the domestic bank. JH has only two 135Ah batteries on the domestic side, which is rather less than most boats. We called in at Limekiln Chanlery in Stourport and picked up a new 110Ah battery and a battery box to put it

Back up the river III

Monday: Grey and a bit chilly. By the morning the river level had dropped about 6 inches, and carried on dropping throughout the day. By the time we got to Stourport it had dropped about 2 feet and was back in the green. We had breakfast on the pontoons where we had spent the first

Back up the river II

Glorious weather, sun shone all day. Progress was slowish, we were only doing about 3.4mph most of the time, down to 2.8 where the current was strongest. It was a good thing that we had gone in at Ashleworth as there wasnt any room at either Haw Bridge or the pub at Apperley. Breakfast at

Back up the river I

We had moored JH by Sandfield bridge during the week, so on Saturday afternoon we parked the car where we had left it previously and set off at about 3 o’clock. We got to Gloucester about 5:00. I called the lockie and he said to moor up in the docks as he was waiting for


We were at Saul Festival from 3rd – 7th July, part of the ‘cutweb’ contigent. We were two of the many ‘green tee-shirt’ volunteers, our duties were on the Information desk. The weather wasnt very clement, but a good time was had by all. Pictures by Angela Faull & Andrew Dyke

Kidderminster to Saul III

Away at abut 8:00, the weather not so good, a bit cold and we had to put waterproofs on for a while. By the time we got to Gloucester the sun had come out but there was a cold wind blowing. We had planned to have breakfast on the finger pontoons in the docks, but

Kidderminster to Saul II

Woke up to a nice bright, sunny morning and set off just before 8:00. The trip down to Worcester was uneventful, very little boat traffic about. We shared Holt lock with a small cruiser and passed one narrowboat going up but that was all. We stopped at Worcester for breakfast at about 12ish (it’s our

Kidderminster to Saul I

We left home in two cars, picking up friends Teresa & Lindsay on the way and headed for Saul. I had arranged with the Saul mooring organiser to leave one car on the site over the weekend. However when we got there I could find no CCT people around. So we found a safe looking