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The Waterways Wanderings of Narrowboat “Just Heaven”

Worcester (Racecourse moorings)

The morning was spent shopping in Worcester. The idea was to try and get some Christmas presents, but we weren’t very successful! We came back to the boat for lunch and decided that a second foray into the shops wasnt likely to be any more fruitful. So instead we moved down onto the Severn and upstream about half a mile to the moorings above the rowing clubs. This is our favourite mooring in Worcester.
We crossed the Sabrina footbridge and went over to Homebase, where we bought a few things including some lengths aluminium angle. This to make some security bars for the windows. Last winter some rough sleepers broke into the boat moored nest to us at Kinver and stole bedding and food. We want to put bars at our windows to deter this.
The rest of the afternoon was spent chilling out and going for a walk along the river.

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