Sharpness & back

A lovely warm sunny day today. We need to be back here at Splatt bridge tomorrow as Nikki is coming, but we didnt want to spend all day doing nothing so we chugged down to Sharpness. We stopped for a while where the river comes up close to the canal and watched the tide turn.

Not moved

Rain, rain and more rain! Jan & Mike were due to arrive mid afternoon. The plan was for a short trip then back for another barbecue. We texted them midday to decide what to do. They suggested that we abandon the bbq and go to the pub instead. About three o’clock there was a lull

Splatt Bridge

We awoke this morning to grey, overcast skies and strong winds. Our daughter Liz and her family were meeting us at Splatt bridge for a lunchtime barbecue, but it didn’t look promising. We set off about eight o’clock and had to battle against a strong headwind. At Saul we wanted to use the DIY pumpout

Hempstead Bridge

An early start, we were on our way by 6:15. Becca was still in bed until we got to Stourport. On the Severn it was windy and rather chilly, but an uneventful cruise down. We stopped briefly at Worcester for a cooked breakfast and to top up the water. The stretch of Severn from Worcester


Up earlyish as we had arranged to meet Heddi’s sister Pauline at 11:30 at Hempstead bridge. She lives in the Forest of Dean so nearer Gloucester is more convenient. Also we wanted to start back up the river early on Saturday morning so being near Gloucester would make that easier. After a some confusion regarding

Back to Splatt

Rachel, Steve, Penny & Phil arrived at about 10:30. We showed Penny & Phil around, they hadn’t been on a narrowboat before, and seemed to be impressed. It was a lovely, clear, warm sunny day and we set off northwards with the three men at the back and the three women at the front. There

Patch Bridge

The day started off cold & grey, but we thought that we would go for a walk anyway as we hadn’t been very active over the last few days. So with Izzy in the buggy we set off up the towpath to Fretherne bridge and back through the village. The rest of the morning was

Saul & back

Nikki & Izzy surprised us by arriving about 10:30, we weren’t expecting them until lunchtime. We decided to pop up to Saul to use the DIY pumpout machine. The tank wasn’t full, but we have a week  with various guests visiting each day and it could be a bit awkward if the loo is out

Still here

This morning I fitted a new leisure battery, supplied by the very helpful people at Bristol Batteries. It took me nearly two hours as the access is difficult working down in the engine ‘ole. We have three leisure batteries but the one that needed replacing was the most difficult to get at. It entailed removing

Splatt Bridge

We moved down to Splatt bridge during the morning as we had arranged to meet all the family there for barbecue in the afternoon. Nik, Paul & Izzy arrived first shortly followed by the Davies’s and great grandad. On the way down to Frampton we saw a group of cygnets riding on mum’s back. We