The day started really cold and windy, but finished really warm and sunny. A 7:30 start again. Quite a few boats about and by the time we reached Wardle lock we were in a queue of four. While Heddi looked after the boat I walked along to Middlewich Narrowboats to have a word with Sandra.

Cholmondeston lock

To avoid the queues that build up at Grindley Brook we set off early to reach there by 7:30. There was no one about, the lockie hadn’t come on duty yet, so we went through unimpeded. A fairly uneventful run down to Hurleston. Except when Heddi had stern words with a hireboat crew who untied


A long cold day today.we left at 7:00 expecting the locks to be in our favour but, we discovered later, another boat had left at 6:15, so we had to turn almost every one. They were a couple of upcoming boats but other than that they were a against us. Breakfast was taken after we

Adderley bottom lock

Woke up to a totally blue sky – and slightly warmer than yesterday. It is 15 years since we have been on this part of the Shroppie and I couldn’t remember it at all! A short stop in Market Drayton for some shopping then off again. We stopped earlyish at some very pleasant moorings between

Norbury Wharf

Another early start down the rest of the ’21’. We didn’t see another boat until we were approaching Autherley junction, then we were in a queue. First for the temporary stoppage round some dredging, then for the junction itself. A stop at Wheaton Aston for fuel (47.9 p/l cheapest on the network?) then on to

Just north of Pendeford Bridge

A little bit of drizzle on and off today, but otherwise not a bad day, though very windy. The deep cuttings along this part of the Shroppie are quite interesting, but otherwise it’s fairly boring, particularly for the steerer as it’s just long straight sections with only the one lock at Wheaton Aston to break

Tyrley Top Lock (again)

We have moved today, but we’re back where we started. A pumpout and shopping needed today so an early start down Tyrley locks and into Market Drayton. We had intended to use one of the boatyards for the pumpout, but found a BW DIY machine so used that instead. Anyway the boatyard wasnt open when

Tyrley Top Lock

Weather fairly cool and cloudy today, with periods of rain getting heavier as the day went on. We were going to have a pumpout at Wheaton Aston but the BW DIY machine was out of action (as was the toilet block) because of a sewerage system problem. We topped up with fuel at Turner’s garage


Another rather wet, cold & grey day, where’s the summer gone? The weather did clear a little in the evening and we decided to have a barbecue as this may be the only chance this week. During yesterday and today we have had several re-occurrances of the fuel starvation problem. I decided to take out

High Onn

When we got to Wheaton Aston lock the wind was blowing very hard across the canal at right angles. There was a queue of four boats in front of us. They were all have great difiiculty getting into the lock in the wind. The technique used by most was to have someone on the towpath