High Onn

When we got to Wheaton Aston lock the wind was blowing very hard across the canal at right angles. There was a queue of four boats in front of us. They were all have great difiiculty getting into the lock in the wind.

The technique used by most was to have someone on the towpath hold the bow rope as the boat approached the lock to stop the front from being blown across the canal.

We eventually got down through the lock (using the above rope trick) and moored up for breakfast in the cutting opposite Turner’s Garage. It was much more sheltered here.

Attractive bridge

We stayed here for most of the day. In the afternoon we went for a walk, starting off along the Staffordshire Way at bridge 17. Then towards Lapley and back across the fields to Wheaton Aston

At about 4:00 we moved on to High Onn wharf and moored just after bridge 25.

We decided to put on the BW reg numbers that we had got from “Stick on Signs”. Whilst we were doing this Bob & Sue Woodgate came past on Symphony. They waved and called out but didnt stop.

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