Kidlington Green lock

26 miles 13 locks

A long day today, 10 hours. We started at 7:15 and didn’t stop until 17:25. We even had lunch on the move.

Sunrise on Wallingford church at 5:00 am

It’s been hotter today than the last few days, particularly this afternoon.

We were delayed for quite a while at Abingdon. We wanted a pumpout, but the boats in the queue for the water were blocking the access to the pumpout machine. Eventually, after a bit of boat shuffling, we had the pumpout and were on our way.

We shared the last 6 Thames locks w├Čth NB Aquatic Life, they are also on the way back to Cropredy marina.

It is a bit odd to be back on narrow locks after 5 weeks or so of wide ones.


Port Meadow, Oxford

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