Yet another  early start, this  time 6:30.  As we approached the bottom lock of the Buckby flight we could see a couple on a boat about to set off. We shared all tne locks in the flight with them. It was quiet at first, but we met several descending boats towards tne top.

As we were nearing Braunston tunnel there were several canoeists and a paddle boarder in front weaving about in front of us. They obviously dont realise that a 55ft steel narrowboat doesn’t have brakes!

We only passed one boat in tne tunnel, very different to our last visit. At Braunston top lock we  met a boater who was taking his boat to Calcutt to have a new engine fitted. He was an ex policeman who bought the  boat two years ago, but since then it has hardly left the marina.

The historic boat rally was held in Braunston last week, several of the participating boays were still around and mooring was at a premium. At first we moored in the  first spot we found in case there weren’t any others, but we later moved down a bit to another spot in the  shade.  We are staying here until Saturday. Jan and Mike are joining us tomorrow evening.

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