Vale Royal Visitor Moorings

We started down the lift at our alloted time of 10:00. From the top we could see Brian & Diana on NB Harnser. They had just picked up the boat from having a full re-paint. It looked very smart. As we came out of the bottom of the lift Harnser was waiting there, so we went over for a bit of a natter then set off upstream. The next two locks we shared with a very freindly couple from Yorkshire.

The lockie at Vale Royal said that the river level was high at the moment so we might not get under the swing bridge at Newbridge. At first we stopped on the VM and had lunch expecting to stay there. But NB Cropredy went further up and didnt come back so we decided to go and see if we could get under. We did by about 3 inches. On to Winsford to moor in the ‘marina’ and let the girls have a go on the new and extensive playground there.

Then back to Vale Royal for the evening and a barbecue.

Paul did the cooking

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