Bugsworth Basin

Last night we noticed that the boat seemed to have a list. The only explanation was that all the water from the spillage was still in the boat somewhere. We had mopped up quite a bit with towels etc, but the tap was full on for about 40 mins, so there must be some more.

We have a small access hole into the cabin bilge under a cupboard in our bedroom. We looked in there and could see lots of water. The only way to get it out was to put a sponge down the hole then wring it into a bucket. A couple of hours and 20 bucketfulls later we had got most of it out!

I also wanted to sort out the battery situation. I checked each of 18 cells for water level. It was clear that one of the batteries was not right. The level in two cells was low, it seemed to be gassing and giving off an odd smell. I decided to try to get some distilled water to top it up. Nowhere in Marple sells distilled water! So we thought that we’d try Whaley Bridge today.

Overnight the battery was down to only 11 volts, not good. As we made our way up the Peak Forest the smell got worse. On arrival here I disconnected the faulty battery from the rest of the bank, so far all seems OK.

We love Bugsworth , it’s years since we were here last and it has become quite a bit busier, but still good.

All in the past
Our mooring in the the upper basin arm

We walked into Whaley Bridge to get some stuff from Tesco. In the basin at the end they have pumps topping the water in the canal up from the river Goyt. I guess this is because the Toddington reservoir is still empty following the breach last year.

Topping up the canal

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