We were about to set off this morning when two Black Prince hire boats came past going rather slowly. So we waited 10-15 minutes for them to get ahead and then set off slowly. But we still caught them up before the first lock. This meant that we would have to follow them through all eight locks, ah well we weren’t in a hurry. In fact they were reasonably quick through the locks, but we caught them up each time even tough we had to turn the lock. On reaching the Severn they turned upstream, we went downstream.

We moored up on our usual spot by the racecourse. After lunch we went off the find the Greek restaurant where we had previously booked a table.( https://www.eatgreek.uk/ )It wasn’t in the main part of the city, but round a few back streets. From outside it looked very small! Some other shopping was required so we set off for what turned out to be quite a long walk into the main shopping area.

The evening meal in “Eat Greek” was really good. We ordered one ‘Loaded Meze’ and one ‘Vegetarian Meze’. It was delicious, but more than we could cope with. They very kindly packed up all the leftovers for us to take back to the boat.

The table at “Eat Greek”

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